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Servizi di monitoraggio

Continuous control of your IT
With the Monitoring service, you have the possibility to choose which component of your Information System to entrust to us: whether it is a single application or the entire process, we will carry out a continuous check and report if something in the system is not working correctly.

Thanks to an advanced and reliable monitoring platform, the alarm reports relating to your company Information System will be conveyed to our NOC (Network Operations Center), a team of IT consultants who will analyze and communicate the emerged alerts.
The service is offered according to SLA levels that can be customized and defined with you, with no limit to the type, quantity and size of the areas to be monitored.

What we monitor and analyze
The remote Monitoring and Analysis service allows you to:
• check the availability and performance of a service in terms of presence and operation;
• measure any exceeding or approaching critical thresholds previously defined.

The monitored service areas can be:
• Processes (eg Backup, etc.)
• Cloud SaaS
• Applications
• Database
• Standard software (mail, backup, erp, etc.)
• Operating System
• Hypervisor
• Server / Storage
• Network Lan / Wan
• UTM / NG Firewall


Servizi di prevenzione e correzione

Risk mitigation and corrective actions
The service includes not only monitoring, but also prevention and decisive intervention in case of need.
We check your IT systems to predict and deal with possible threats: the aim is to mitigate the risk and prevent potential problems from escalating.

In case of system malfunction, we carry out corrective and adaptive maintenance (MAC), i.e. we identify the problem and its cause with the aim of finding a solution, initially even temporary, so that the company business does not is never compromised.

We can manage prevention and correction for any area and infrastructure component, with the guarantee that you will have a system that is always up to date and functioning.

The Prevention and Correction service includes the interventions of:
• serviceDesk (reception, management and coordination of requests);
• qualification and corrective implementations of anomalies in selected hardware and software systems (remotely and onsite);
• identification, planning and implementation of the preventive activities necessary to maintain the safety and reliability of the selected systems (remotely and onsite);
• measurement and reporting to the customer.

Remote Backup

The remote Backup service is available for a fixed monthly fee, which protects the customer from any inconvenience deriving from data backup.

The system provides in fact the complete relief of responsibility from the technical staff inside your company, to our centralized backup system that guarantees excellent levels of security.

Remote Backup - is a service aimed at those who need to perform a reliable and easily manageable backup of their data.
The idea behind the service is to copy the data to a remote server, physically located outside the company.

Having a copy of your archives on an external machine guarantees that they are saved in extreme cases, such as hardware theft, fires, etc.

To guarantee the protection and confidentiality of the Customer's data, the service has the following characteristics:
• Backup on servers physically located in a modern specialized, protected and equipped data-center
• Possibility of access to the remote backup server only by the Customer (check on the IP of origin of the requests and authentication via login / password)
• Data encryption with personal and secret key before transfer
• Maintaining multiple backup versions (from 1 to 30 depending on the service configuration)

Remote Backup

IT Security

Sicurezza Informatica

Browsing the Internet and using e-mail are, nowadays, operations that expose computers to very serious risks.

It is more and more frequent that the simple visit to a site, or the receipt of an e-mail, can be a vehicle for infections, capable of leading to the total blocking of the computer and the consequent inaccessibility of the data contained therein.

They have also become very common "malware" such as "spyware" and "trojans": programs that, without the user's knowledge, spread personal information and access codes to malicious people.

In the light of all this, today more than ever, it is no longer sufficient to have antivirus systems with high-sounding names, but rather to prepare effective security policies, accompanied by really effective prevention and control tools.

Net Evolutions, in particular, takes care of installing and providing technical assistance on:
Firewall (Linux and Unix based): The firewall is only one of the components of an IT security strategy, and cannot generally be considered sufficient. The main function is essentially that of creating a filter on incoming and outgoing connections, raising the security level of the network and allowing both internal and external users to operate in maximum safety.
The firewall acts on packets in transit by performing operations on them:
- control
- modification
- monitoring

"Content Filtering" systems: A "Content Filtering" system allows you to inhibit access to websites deemed harmful, or unrelated to work, thus preventing staff from wasting time browsing unauthorized sites (Games, Casinos On-Line, Pornography etc ...)

Proxy systems : A case in which a proxy is often used is web browsing (called HTTP proxy from the name of the protocol used).

A proxy can be used for one or more of the following reasons:

Connectivity: to allow a private network to access externally, it is possible to configure a computer to act as a proxy between other computers and the Internet, in order to keep a single computer connected to the outside, but allow everyone to access. In this situation, the proxy is usually also used as a firewall.

Caching : a proxy can store the results of a user's requests for a certain time, and if another user makes the same requests it can respond without having to consult the original server. By placing the proxy in a position “close” to the users, this allows an improvement in performance and a reduction in bandwidth consumption.

Monitoring : a proxy can allow you to keep track of all the operations carried out (for example, all the web pages you visit), allowing statistics and observations of the use of the network that can also violate users' privacy.
Control: A proxy can apply rules defined by the system administrator to determine which requests to forward and which to reject, or limit the bandwidth used by clients, or filter web pages in transit, for example blocking those whose content is deemed offensive under certain rules.

Privacy : A proxy can guarantee a higher level of privacy by masking the client's real IP address so that the server does not know who made the request.

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