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Gestione Aziendale

Net Evolutions is a reality able to offer Microsoft IT systems engineers capable of operating also in Unix / Linux environment.

The accumulated know-how, thanks to the experience in companies that adopt enterprise solutions , allows our systems consultants to operate easily both on complex networks and on small companies.

Net Evolutions proposes itself as a single interlocutor, able both to support any internal staff, and to become the customer's technical contact in companies where there is no EDP office.

A team built to take care of everything that is necessary for the proper functioning of any computer system, also taking care of all the lateral aspects, such as electronic, electrical, telephone, Internet connections and data systems.

Furthermore, there are many activities on behalf of the customer, such as, for example, the coordination of any other suppliers (eg ISP).

In a world where the knowledge of relationships and cost forecasting contribute to the success of a business, Net Evolution is proposed as a technical interface for solving various problems, in order to keep all the equipment in full functionality.

Every problem and every need connected to the functionality of the system are treated in the best possible way, always proposing the optimal choice in terms of potential, completeness and costs.

Grow your business by optimizing resources and ensuring continuous assistance on structures and systems.

In a relationship of complete trust, Net Evolutions aims to develop a reliable and performing supplier-customer relationship over time.

To receive information and request quotes, please contact us in the contact section.


Servizi di Outsourcing

Cloud products and services

The cloud is the future of business as is the knowledge and use of cloud products and services.
The Cloud allows you to take advantage of the maximum technology, while respecting the budget and security criteria you have chosen for your systems.

Maximum security
Data, technology, applications… everything you choose to put in the cloud is stored in protected physical environments designed exclusively for that purpose and protected against all types of cybercrime.

Flexibility and speed
The Cloud service logic allows the customer to use technology and applications flexibly and with immediate activation times.

Cost cutting
We offer our clients a full range of technology and applications at affordable costs in line with their investment capabilities.


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